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The images on this website

Our offices are located in the southern area of Amsterdam, famous for its city planning according to the Plan of architect Berlage and for its special building and artistic style of the Amsterdam School (Amsterdamse School). The sculptures on this website are spread out over the south of Amsterdam and are some of the finest examples of the Amsterdam School.

The sculpture on the page Publications was made by P. Koning and is called 'The Thinker' ('De Denker'). It is located in the Gerrit van der Veenstraat.

The other sculptures are works of the Amsterdam city sculpturer Hildo Krop (1884-1970). The image of the girl with the horse on the page Practice is called 'The ingenuousness of humans vis-à-vis life' ('De onbevangenheid der mensen tegenover het leven') (1929-1932). One can see it at the square Muzenplein.

Next to that same square, is Krop's sculpture of the boy with the rabbits (1929-1930), which is displayed on the page Contact.

Krop's work on the page Lawyers is a detail of the bridge of the Overtoom to the Surinameplein.
Copyrights regarding Hildo Krop's sculptures are being administered by the foundation Stichting Beeldrecht.
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Reproduction of the images of these sculptures is not allowed without prior consent of Beeldrecht:

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