Enterprise Chamber

We represent clients in proceedings before the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Appellate Court. The Enterprise Chamber has exclusive jurisdiction to decide certain corporate issues.

The most common proceedings before the Enterprise Chamber are so-called enquiry proceedings (enquêteprocedures). The Enterprise Chamber may order an enquiry by an independent investigator in case there are well founded indications of mismanagement or deadlocks in the decision making.

We also represent clients in other cases where the Enterprise Chamber has jurisdiction, e.g. in proceedings regarding annulment of board resolutions, suspending managing or supervisory directors, replacing them by interim managers, transferring shares in temporary trust, or winding up of companies.

Camilo is regularly appointed by the Enterprise Chamber as a court official, i.e. as an investigator, a supervisory director, or a trustee of shares.

Our experience in proceedings before the Enterprise Chamber helps us in providing advice about how to structure a business in the Netherlands; how to introduce checks and balances in the articles of association and shareholders agreements that will reduce the risks of mismanagement and deadlocks.

Also outside the Enterprise Chamber we advise and represent clients in the field of corporate law. For instance in cases on conflicts resulting from minority shareholder oppression, conflicts of interests, embezzlement and conversion, torts against creditors and shareholders, annulment of shareholder transactions and board resolutions, mismanagement, and directors’ liability.

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