We offer legal-strategic advice in complex cases, in matters of principle, and about corporate law.

In complex cases, a client is often involved in a conflict with multiple parties, or in multiple jurisdictions. Jointly with our client, we decide on the course of action.

Our firm coordinates the required input from lawyers in other jurisdictions, or from other professionals such as asset tracing companies. We prevent that conflicting positions be taken in different proceedings, we manage timing, and we advise about what remedy to pursue in which jurisdiction. These cases often involve (preliminary) witness examinations, attachments, or discovery of documents.

We also offer strategic advice in cases where principles are at stake, for instance where the law is ambiguous. In such cases, we assist our client in proceedings up to the Supreme Court, in cooperation with a trusted lawyer who specialises in acting before the Supreme Court. We also assist clients who are confronted with fraud or theft.

The third category strategic cases concern cases where we advise our clients on corporate law. For instance, on how to structure their business to establish a healthy checks and balances structure between shareholders and the board, in conformity with the applicable rules for corporate governance. We also advise on conflicts resulting from minority shareholder oppression, conflicts of interests, embezzlement and conversion, torts against creditors and shareholders, annulment of shareholder transactions and board resolutions, mismanagement, and directors’ liability.

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